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Signs Of A Faulty Septic System

I thought I had a septic problem when my toilet and sink wasn't draining properly. This suspicion was confirmed when sewer water started backing up in my bathtub. I figured that this was a job for a professional, so I called a local sewer service company. Sure enough, my septic tank was full and this was causing the problem. After having my tank pumped out, my drains run freely and my toilet flushes better than it has in a long time. My name is Wesley Hammond and the experience that I had with my septic system is the reason that I'm writing this blog. Since sewage backup in the house is very unhealthy, everyone should be aware of the signs of a faulty septic system. As you read these articles, you'll learn about the different types of septic system problems and how you can keep them from happening.


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Signs Of A Faulty Septic System


Expert Tips for a Bathroom Renovation That Will Elevate Your Home

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and it deserves some love. A bathroom renovation can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality of your house. However, with so many options and decisions to make during the renovation process, it can be overwhelming. Read this list of expert tips for a successful bathroom renovation. These tips will help you plan a renovation that is both beautiful and practical for your family's needs.

What To Expect When Building A Cottage Home

Building a cottage home is a dream come true for many homeowners. Whether it's a year-round residence or a vacation home, there's nothing quite like the rustic charm and cozy atmosphere of a cottage. However, the building process can be overwhelming for those who haven't gone through it before. Read on for five things to expect during a cottage home builder project, from the cottage planning process to the finishing touches.

Renovating Your Home Before Having Kids: 4 Tips

If you plan on having children in the next couple of years, you will want to make sure the living space you have is well suited to their needs. This might mean moving, but it could also mean renovating your current home to make it more suitable for kids. If you choose the second approach — renovating your current home — here are some tips that should come in handy.

4 Unique Commercial Lightning Protection Solutions

Lightning strikes can cause immense disruption and damage to commercial buildings. It can cost you thousands in repairs and lost production time. It's best to be prepared and protect your business from the dangers of lightning. That's why it's important to consider commercial lightning protection solutions for your building. For instance, installing a lightning protection system can provide maximum security from lightning strikes and reduce the risk of any resulting damage.

Why You Should Consider Hiring An Industrial Renovation Company

Do you have a renovation project and are unsure who to hire for the job? When doing a construction or renovation project, it is always advisable to work with professionals. An industrial renovation company restores or improves your building's state. Whether it's a new extension, a new loading zone, or you want to give your industry a new look, they will bring your renovation dreams to life. If you have an upcoming renovation project, below are some reasons why you should contact an industrial renovation company.

Why Commit To A Commercial Flat Roofing Installation

It's quite common for business owners to focus on the interior of their commercial establishment and do the bare minimum for the exterior. While creating comfortable indoor spaces is important, it's crucial to acknowledge that your establishment's exterior also contributes to indoor comfort. Investing in quality exterior features also gives prospective customers a positive impression of your business.  That's why you should set aside sufficient funds for your roof installation project.

How To Pick Out The Perfect Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub covers are an essential component in the long-term storage and health of your beloved hot tub. A lot of people use the less than impressive covers that might have come with their hot tub, or they may not even use anything at all. This can be extremely damaging to the internal and external operation of your hot tub, and it won't take long before you start to see the negative ramifications of this choice.

How To Implement Corporate Standards On Projects At Retailers And Offices

In the world of retail and office contracting work, business operators often need to conform to corporate standards. These cover everything from the floor space of the building to the colors on the walls. Maintaining these standards is important to corporate identity and driving customers into the businesses. If you need to adhere to a set of corporate standards, here are four ways to integrate them into your officer or retail contracting project.

Does a Home Addition Have to Expand the Footprint?

When you picture home additions, you probably imagine something that expands the house's footprint. This isn't always the case, though. Home addition contractors can often make use of the existing footprint. Is this likely to be the case with your house? Let's look at some of the key factors that will determine if you'll have to expand the footprint. Type of Addition A relative light space may not need the additional support of an expanded foundation.

Critical Reasons To Hire A Professional Excavation Contracting Service

When you need your property renovated and reconstructed, you may think that you can handle some or all of the work on your own. However, you may fail to appreciate how risky the work can actually be. Rather than compromise the safety of your property, you, or anyone who works for you, you can outsource the job to professional contractors. You can benefit from hiring an experienced excavation service to remodel and reconstruct your property for you.

Lightweight Commercial Construction Guide To Reduce Costs Of Developing Your Property

If you are planning a commercial development project, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before breaking ground. You want to plan the type of construction that you are going to do, such as wood or steel buildings, and if you are going to use a heavy design or other methods. There are a lot of lightweight construction methods that can reduce costs and save time for your project.

Dos And Don'Ts Of Adding Wainscoting To A Room In Your Home

One of the many ways that you can transform the look of a room in your home during a renovation project is to add wainscoting to one or more of the walls. The vertical slats of wood placed on the lower parts of the walls can add a visual quality that immediately sets the room apart. Wainscoting can be an effective look in a living room, dining room, or even a bedroom, and your local remodeling contractor can typically complete the job in a short amount of time.

Important Factors You Should Pay Attention To During The Oilfield Construction Process

If you are looking to have an oilfield construction project completed, it is very important for you to focus on proper planning and execution of the construction project. After all, you might be hoping to run a lucrative and successful oilfield business once the project is finished. If you want to make sure that the oilfield construction project turns out as well as possible, there are certain things that you will need to pay attention to.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Luxury Community Lot

Location is everything in real estate, and that's as true in luxury private communities as it is in any other type of real estate. If you're buying a luxury community lot, make sure you take into account where the lot is located. Specifically, consider these factors when you choose which lot within a luxury private community you want. How Much Traffic the Street Sees Luxury private communities don't see anywhere near the amount of traffic that public neighborhoods do because only residents, their guests, and a few vendors are allowed inside of a private community.

Why Rent A Garbage Bin During Your New Office Clean Out?

You've recently upgraded your business to a new building, or at least a new office location. However, when you acquired the new space, you also acquired all the belongings that were in it. Papers, old furniture, equipment, trash, and other things were left behind in this new space of yours and you have to get rid of it all. One major problem you face in this remodeling project is this: where will all the garbage go?

Why You Should Replace Your Roof Promptly

You may not want to spend money on having your roof replaced, but you shouldn't wait too long to do it. There are several consequences that your roof might face as it becomes more damaged, and you can also be considered liable for insurance fraud if you file a claim. Your Roof Is Important Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. If you don't have a sturdy roof to protect the rest of your home, anything in your home and any part of your home could be damaged by precipitation.

Renting A Large Trash Bin For Your Home Cleanout Project

Have you decided to clean out your home and finally get rid of all the trash that has been piling up? Renting a large trash bin or two is definitely the easiest way to dispose of everything quickly. Here are a few tips to help you with this endeavor. 1. Be realistic with your space requirements. When you look at a cluttered room, it's easy to assume there's a ton of trash in there when, really, you will be saving some of those items and selling or donating others.

Why A PVC Fence Could Be The Right Choice For Your Pool Fence

If you're planning to install a pool in your backyard, then you may be required to put up a pool fence for safety reasons. Even if a pool fence isn't required by local codes, you may want one to control who can get in your pool and to keep kids and pets safe. A PVC fence is a good option for pool fencing. Here's a look at why you may want this type of fencing around your pool.

Tips For Renting Equipment For Your Project

When a business is needing specialized tools and other equipment, using a rental service can be one of the most efficient options. Otherwise, your enterprise may be forced to buy equipment that it may only need on a short-term basis. Make Sure Your Rental Includes An Operator's Manual Whenever you use a rental service, it is important to make sure that the equipment comes with an operator's manual or other instructional guides.

What You Need To Know About Solar Pool Heating Systems

A swimming pool is often the centerpiece of a family's spring and summer plans. However, there are many upgrades that could potentially improve the enjoyment that you are able to get from your pool. Yet, homeowners will often rarely give much thought to the types of upgrades that could better their pool. Are Pool Heating Systems Only For Homes In Cold-Climate Areas? The installation of a heating system is one of the most basic upgrades that your pool may benefit from receiving.

A Guide To Caring For Your HVAC System

When you need for your home to be comfortable and sustainable, it's vital that you do what you can to care for your HVAC system. The heating and cooling systems that you employ require thorough and consistent maintenance. By taking the time to maintain your HVAC system, you'll have what you need to stay comfortable despite outdoor conditions. With this in mind, read on and apply these tips so that you can get what you need out of your household.

3 Budget-Friendly Tips For Giving Your Kitchen New Life

When you do not have the budget for a complete kitchen renovation, you may believe there is nothing more you can do to improve the aesthetics. Fortunately, there are several options to improve the look of your kitchen and keep the changes affordable. Refresh The Paint One of the easiest ways to refresh an outdated kitchen is with a fresh coat of paint, but not just any color. Try to avoid traditional white paint because it can look harsh and it's difficult to keep clean.

Why Contractors Love Vinyl Siding

When building a home, the exterior siding can have a huge effect on the energy efficiency, maintenance needs, style, and functionality of your property. There are quite a few great siding options to choose from. Vinyl siding is one of the most popular residential siding materials for some very good reasons. This article explains why you should consider vinyl as a siding material when building a new home: Vinyl is Durable

How to Avoid Wasting Time During Your Real Estate Search

Real estate searches can be a lot of fun, but they can also take time away from work, family, and social life. If your goal is to find a great new home while being as efficient as possible, here are some strategies you can take.  List Your Needs and Stick with Them A lot of the delay in searching comes from an improper sequence of events. Before you even start looking at listings, it's important to have your list of criteria for a property.

Ensuring A Smooth Transition When Moving An Office

If you own a business that requires the use of offices, and you are in the process of landing a deal for the lease of a new building to house your operation, it is likely you are worried about the transition ahead. Ensuring business can still be conducted while you are in the middle of a move is critical to the success of your livelihood. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your business will be up and running in its new location without causing disruption to the flow of sales and services in the process.

Advantages Of A Screw-Pile Foundation

While a concrete foundation works well in most situations, there are some situations where you will need to do something more. For example, if you want to build your home in an area that has boggy or sandy soil, you may experience some settling when using a concrete foundation. This is where you need to reinforce your foundation with piles to make sure that it does not settle, crack, and compromise the integrity of your home.

Tips To Help Keep Your Kitchen Drain Clean And Smelling Fresh

If you're like most people, you probably put just about everything down your kitchen sink drain. Rinse paint brushes in the sink, pour the bacon grease down the sink, and probably even a few large food particles accidentally get washed down the sink drain too, right? All of these items can clog your drain and make it smell like a stinky garbage heap, rather than a kitchen sink. This is a place you wash your dishes and near where you probably prepare food -- not a place you want stinky smells.

Provide Your Customers With An Inviting Parking Lot

If you are opening your own small business, then you will have a lot of decisions to make. You may even have to decide on the best material for your parking lot. You want to offer all your customers a clearly defined parking lot that gives them a safe parking space for their car and that makes it easy for them to get in and out of the parking area. Along with making sure the parking lot has the appropriate markings and good lighting, you also want it to be made of the best material possible.

Four Types Of Lumber That Are Great For Door Frames

If you're going to be building some door frames, then it's important that you choose a wood that's up for the job. Not all wood mills and finishes well, after all! Here's a look at four woods that are perfect for making door frames. Ash Ash can be a bit tough to find outside of the Eastern U.S. and Canada where it grows, but if you do happen to come across it, ash makes for some very nice door frames.